9 Restaurants in Shimla with Beautiful Views

Shimla, popularly known as the Queen of Hills, is the captivating capital of Himachal Pradesh and offers a wealth of attractions, particularly in the summer.  We all like sampling various treats while strolling along and around Mall Road’s streets and enjoying the stunning scenery! Everyone’s travel journals must include food in some capacity. Wouldn’t it be the stuff of dreams for every foodie and traveler out there to have a cup of coffee or tea while taking in the ideal weather? If you ask us, that is. This sensation is incomparable.

The List of 9 Restaurants in Shimla with Beautiful

Visiting these cafés in Shimla is a requirement if you are a visitor to the area at any time. In addition to having the most beautiful vistas and being aesthetically pleasing, these cafes serve delectable meals. These Shimla cafes are a must-see and should be on your list of things to do.

1. Café Under Tree

This is the perfect restaurant if you’re searching for a meal that won’t break the bank but still tastes great. It is located close to the Jakhoo temple and is Shimla’s highest café. The café is sympathetic to vegetarians and has a terrific atmosphere. The interior, which is entirely completed in wood, is what draws your attention.

This vegan restaurant offers a distinctive dining experience and a friendly staff. Speaking of food, their menu isn’t all that changed, but you’ll still like the hot cocoa, pasta, and variety of food and drinks. It’s interesting that all of these incredible cuisine items are reasonably priced. We promise that the climb up here was worthwhile.

2. Honey Hut Cafe

The Khadi Bhavan is not far from Honey Hut, which has managed to escape the bustle of Mall Road by being tucked away. So what is it about this café that draws experienced travellers? Well, they’ve managed to serve everything with honey. It’s true what you just read! Every item on their menu has honey in some way, from their Honey Turmeric Latte to their Honey Chilly Mushrooms.

So, stop by this café if you’re seeking for some mouthwatering treats that are presented with a healthy twist. It was established back in 2008 and is now unquestionably one of Shimla’s greatest cafés! We suggest trying their Honey Butter Toast and Honey Cappuccino.

3. Indian Coffee House

Recall the Indian café that made headlines once after PM Modi stopped by for a quick snack and a cup of coffee there while visiting Himachal. It is a very old restaurant in Shimla that serves affordable south Indian food and filter coffee. The ancient leather seats and blackboard give this venue a retro feel.

It is the location where you would anticipate seeing residents gathered to discuss the day’s news over a newspaper and a cup of coffee. Reach out here if you really want a cup of coffee the old-fashioned way. Still incredibly delightful to no end!

4. Wood Street Café

It is located in Lakkar Bazar and has some pretty lovely furnishings. They provide you with delicious cuisine and outstanding service. It is one of Shimla’s top cafes for foodies. The café’s decor will appeal to children because each table has been skillfully decorated with accompanying wall art. So it wouldn’t make sense to stay away from this location. Bring your loved ones here if you’re looking for a romantic setting; it will charm them for you. To satisfy your hunger, try tandoori momos, hamburgers, and fries. They are very unique. Don’t skip this café on your next visit to Shimla; it’s lovely all around. 

5. Cafe Sol Shimla

Cafe Sol has to be among Shimla’s most recognisable cafes. There isn’t a kid in this hill town who doesn’t have good recollections of hanging out with their friends at this lovely cafe. The ideal spot to eat mouthwatering foreign cuisine with an authentic flavour is Cafe Sol in Shimla. The best Mall Road cafe in Shimla, Cafe Sol, is located inside the Hotel Combermere, one of the most renowned mall-road hotels.

6. Hide Out Cafe

Shimla’s Hide Out Café is tucked away on the town’s bustling Mall Road and is a hidden culinary gem. For two key reasons, they have grown to be one of the top cafes in Shimla. First, they combine western cuisine with regional specialties, and second, the café exudes a welcoming atmosphere.

From their coffees to their sweets, everything on their menu is presented with a certain level of delicacy. The majority of customers come to the café for a filling breakfast, but if you want to sample their culinary prowess, we suggest sampling their Choco Berry, Pizzas, and Cupcakes! 

7. Café Argyle House

Many of you might use the lift to get to the mall road; when you get there, look for this café. It is located inside a British-era structure that is 150 years old. However, if you need something quick, stop over here and sample their outstanding menu selections. Everything at this place, even the soup and coffee, is just amazing. Weekends are typically busy, so if you have to wait a little while to be served, do it because it will be worthwhile. Take a chance; this could be your eating paradise!

8. Honey Hut

This tiny but cosy café is located within the mall road’s bustle. They serve the greatest coffee with honey at this tiny place, which also smells like freshly made muffins and coffee beans. These bakery goods are amazing. The apple pie and pineapple upside-down are authentic; try them. Service is excellent. You’ll undoubtedly be in for a treat, from incredible smoothies to grilled cheese sandwiches. Additionally, the store includes a large selection of everyday products like lip balms and cleansers that contain honey. How are you going to stay even now?

9. Cafe Shimla Times

On Shimla’s famous Mall Road, Cafe Simla Times is located. Every aspect of the café has been meticulously chosen to exude an artistic mood. The café gets top marks for décor, whether it’s the paintings that depict Shimla on its walls or the vintage car that makes you long for the 1990s.

However, their food and atmosphere are what make it one of Shimla’s top cafés. Since 2015, the café has been churning out some of the best desserts and pizzas made in wood-fired ovens. Be sure to check them out! You must go to this place to enjoy the beautiful view of the town’s skyline.

To Summarize

The top cafés in Shimla listed above will make sure you have a memorable dining experience while you’re having a good time in Shimla. Shimla, which receives visitors throughout the year, has evolved to suit every taste, making you feel completely at ease. You will fall in love with it because of the stormy weather, hearty shadings, and charming pictures of the Shimla scenery.

These few cafés in Shimla are definitely worth visiting since, as the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” They are also an amazing place to meet other adventurers and swap experiences over a filling breakfast of omelettes and sandwiches.

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