10 Most Famous Foods of Maharashtra

From the delicious poha to the well-known pav bhaji, Maharashtrian cuisine has a lot to offer. The Konkani and Varadii cuisines of Maharashtra can be distinguished. The coastal region of Konkan has been impacted by the Goan, Saraswat, Gaud, and Malvani regions. Contrarily, Varadi cuisine is found in the Vidarbha region. Spices like Goda Masala, Kokum, Tamarind, and Coconut are essentials in Maharashtrian cooking. Mildly spicy meals from Maharashtrian cuisine may win anyone over. We can say that the list of delicious and famous foods of Maharashtra is not short.

Famous Foods of Maharashtra

Here are a few mouthwatering Maharashtrian meals that best exemplify the cuisine of Maharashtra!

The famous foods of Maharashtra is worth giving a try. And we are sure you will crave those delicacies over and over again. If you want to enjoy some sweet, spicy and sour food then you must try the Maharashtra food. From Vada Pav to Poha, every single meal you will going to enjoy. Consequently, if you are planning to travel to  Maharashtra then the following list of Maharashtrian cuisine is a must-try. The cuisine of Maharashtra is worth your appetite.

1. Pav Bhaji

Would you want to try a substantial and healthy breakfast option? The first name of our most famous food in Maharashtra is Pav Bhaji. You can then attempt this dish. It consists of two components: pav, a kind of bread, and bhaji, a kind of thick gravy. Peas, carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables are used to make the bhaji. These vegetables are cooked, mashed, then combined with spices and tomato gravy.

It is a specialty of Maharashtra and is served with butter, toasted pav, and onion salad. Pav bhaji stands are readily visible on the streets in the early morning. When mill workers had brief lunch breaks in the late 1800s, the popularity of pav bhaji increased. Chapati, rice, and curry from their Indian lunch were replaced with pav bhaji.

2. Vada Pav

Because of the love of the people, this dish is regarded as the most famous food in Maharashtra. This food is generally consumed either as a morning or evening snack. It is made up of a bread called a pav, a potato patty, specific seasonings, fried green chilies, and mint dip. Although it resembles a burger, it is rather spicy. In this state, there is a vada pav vendor on every street. 

This dish is so well-liked by the populace that it is even praised in numerous Bollywood films and songs. In Marathi, it is also referred to as Batata vada. There are currently numerous vada pav variations, including Ulta vada pav, cheese vada pav, and others. So anytime you have the chance, you should consider tasting this Maharashtrian burger variation.

3. Misal Pav

Misal Pav is another famous food of Maharashtra. Misal Pav is a delicious meal that consists of a tangy, hot, and spicy lentil stew served with pav bread. Yogurt is occasionally served with the dish to tone down the heat. There are various types of Misal Pav, such as Nagpuri Misal, Mumbai Misal, and Puneri Misal, depending on the region of origin. Don’t forget to enjoy the tasty treat before retiring for the day to one of the Nagpur hotels that welcome couples on an hourly basis.

4. Modak

Modak, one of the most popular candies in Maharashtra, is consumed in large quantities throughout the state on Ganesh Chaturthi. A modak’s delicate outer shell is made of rice flour, and its sweet interior is filled with freshly grated coconut and jaggery. Modak has evolved into many other forms over time, including kesari modak, dark chocolate modak, motichoor modak, paneer modak, dried fruit modak, and a great deal more. There is a very excellent reason why Ganpati enjoys this dish so much.

5. Bharli Vangi

Brinjals or baby brinjals from Maharashtra that have been filled with coconut, onion, jaggery, and goda masala are frequently prepared in this manner. Nobody has ever stated that their favorite vegetable is brinjal. However, this Maharashtrian cuisine has the ability to give this dull vegetable new life. These elements work well together, which is fantastic for Brinjal.

6. Puran Poli

It is a sweet-stuffed paratha, a Traditional dish from Maharashtra made especially for important celebrations like Ganesh Chaturthi. In Marathi, the words puran and poli both refer to chapati. This dish’s stuffing is made up of a variety of ingredients, including saffron, jaggery, cardamom powder, and boiling chana dal. With ghee, it is served. Many individuals add cashews, raisins, almonds, or even ice cream to their dishes to enhance the flavour.

7. Ragda Pattice

This is present on every roadway in Maharashtra. As the name suggests, it is primarily made up of two ingredients: pattice, a type of potato fritter, and ragda, a type of curry. It might resemble the tikki dishes served in north India. But you might notice a difference in the flavour when you try the food. As opposed to spicy tikki, the pattice is typically salted, and ragda is used to create the spiced flavour. It is a white pea curry made with a variety of spices. Additionally, garnishings like tamarind dip, mint dip, chopped onions, tomatoes, and sev can accentuate the flavour.

8. Poha

This flattened rice snack, which is often served with tea, is a favourite among all Maharashtrians. Poha is a very flexible meal that may be prepared in a number of different ways. The most well-known kind, referred to as kanda poha, contains onions. Dadpe pohe, which is cooked with fresh green chilies, ginger, and lime juice, shredded coconut, and raw poha that has been tossed in a mixture of oil, red chilli powder, salt, and raw onion are some other types of poha. Batata poha, the famous food of Maharastra which is made with diced potatoes, is another type. Poha will leave you wanting more no matter how you prepare it.

9. Rassa

A non-vegetarian Maharashtrian dish called rassa, also known as taambde, pandhra, or varhadi, is cooked with mutton, chicken, fish, or any other type of seafood. It comes from Kolhapur and means “watery curry.” Ras means juice, therefore rassa refers to a dish that is juicy. Matnacha rassa is a hot red curry dish made with mutton. Red curry, or taambde rassa, is cooked using renowned Kolhapuri chiles. White curry made with yoghurt that is evenly seasoned is called pandhra rassa. Varhadi rassa, a chicken curry that originated in the Vidarbha region, is the last dish.

10. Pithla Bhakri

The most popular Marathi food for most Maharashtrians is pithla bhakri. After a long and arduous day of labor, the hot pithra is frequently served with bhakri and even roti. This straightforward recipe doesn’t need a lot of complicated ingredients or a lot of time to cook. Instead, it is the perfect dish to think of when you don’t have any vegetables. Most pithla that are served with rice has a watery texture and semi-liquid or dry pithla pairs well with roti or bhakri.  Zunka is a hot variation of the same.

Final Lines!

To all non-Maharashtrians out there, try this delicious dish and season it heavily with spices, as many do in Maharashtra, and savor these pleasures. You should travel to Maharashtra and delight in the delicious cuisine while there. Remember to tuck into the delicious pleasures for a delightful gastronomic voyage and to get a flavor of famous foods of Maharashtra whether you are visiting the state for business or pleasure. 

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