Top 13 Activities to Do in Kalimpong

West Bengal’s peaceful town of Kalimpong is well-known for its breathtaking serene view. The town, which is surrounded by clouds against a backdrop of powerful mountains, offers a number of attractions that draw a lot of visitors all year long. There is also no shortage of fascinating activities in Kalimpong, such as river rafting, trekking, […]

10 Most Popular Temples in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu immediately conjures up images of majestic grandeur, ages-old temples, and spiritual holiness. This magnificent state is home to some of South India’s most famous temples in Tamil Nadu, each with a rich cultural and spiritual history. Every temple in this region has a captivating tale to tell about grandeur, faith, and history, from […]

10 Most Famous Foods of Maharashtra

From the delicious poha to the well-known pav bhaji, Maharashtrian cuisine has a lot to offer. The Konkani and Varadii cuisines of Maharashtra can be distinguished. The coastal region of Konkan has been impacted by the Goan, Saraswat, Gaud, and Malvani regions. Contrarily, Varadi cuisine is found in the Vidarbha region. Spices like Goda Masala, […]

9 Restaurants in Shimla with Beautiful Views

Shimla, popularly known as the Queen of Hills, is the captivating capital of Himachal Pradesh and offers a wealth of attractions, particularly in the summer.  We all like sampling various treats while strolling along and around Mall Road’s streets and enjoying the stunning scenery! Everyone’s travel journals must include food in some capacity. Wouldn’t it […]