13 Famous Water Parks in Bangalore

Now summer season is at our doorsteps ! It is important to stay out of the stifling heat. Everyone needs a respite when it’s hot outside, and Water parks in Bangalore may provide that. Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, has much more to offer in terms of entertainment for tourists than just its IT parks. As the summer approaches with its excessively hot temperatures, buckle up to avoid the elements in Bangalore’s theme parks. India’s Silicon Valley offers its residents a sanctuary after a taxing workweek with its myriad leisure options. 

List of Famous Water Parks in Bangalore

You will get a euphoric high from the thrilling coasters like Aqua Tornado, Twister, Devil’s Drop, and waterpark. On the other hand, the more sedate excursions, including leisure and pedal boats, are great for relaxing with family and recharging before the hectic months ahead.

 We have done our extensive research to pick the best Water Parks in Bangalore that will redefine fun with limitless adrenaline and pure thrills.

1. Wonderla

The Water parks in Bangalore offer a variety of water attractions for both kids and adults. And this one holds the first position in our list due to well deserving reasons.In 2014, Wonderla, Bangalore, was named first in Asia and seventh in India by Trip Advisor. It spans a 33 acre area and offers a total of 55 land and water rides. Water rides including Jungle Lagoon, Lazy River, Boomerang, Harakiri, Fun Racers, Uphill Racers, Banded Kraits, Twisters, Water Pendulum, Rain Disco, Wave Pools, Play Pools, Wavy and Vertical Fall are just a few of the many attractions available at The Commons. 

In 2016, this amusement park will debut a brand-new roller coaster that was previously known as Zoomerang at Alabama Adventure. A musical fountain, laser shows, and a near-realism performance are further features of this water park. It boasts a fantastic dance floor with technological devices that restrict rain. A toddlers free fall ride is one of the attractions at Wonderland that are specifically designed for kids. In the winter, this unbelievable park heats all of its pools with solar energy. 

There is a discussion capacity of 1,000 people, and there are 5 restaurants with a combined capacity of 1,150 people. It features restrooms, showers, and storage facilities with more than 2,350 lockers. 2012 saw the opening of Wonderla’s 100,000 square foot resort. Additionally, it provides visitors with Regular and Fastrack Tickets. You can enjoy the rides with a shorter queue if you have Fastrack Tickets.

2. GRS Fantasy Park

Imagine the rush of tightly clinging to your float as you travel down an exhilarating water slide, making twists and turns before splashing into a pool of water at the end. You may do all of this at this nationally recognised amusement park, among other things. The 35 acres of lush landscaping that make up GRS Fantasy Park are situated along the Mysore-Bangalore route. 

Additionally, GRS Fantasy Park needs to be on your list of must-visit water parks when thinking of Bangalore. What you can do is as follows. You can take a leisurely river cruise and unwind as the water carries you along, visit the Hawaiian Paradise, which is a miniature version of Hawaii in Bangalore.

3. Fun World And Water World

Our list of waterparks in  Bangalore is not complete without Fun world. You absolutely must visit  here when organizing an aquatic day out with your friends. Water World, one of the city’s first water parks, offers a variety of thrilling water sports and attractions. An full facility was constructed in accordance with international standards by Fun World and Water World. 

Everything to fulfil your need for water fun is there, from thrilling slides like Cyclone, Fantastic Four, and Tornado to tranquil water activities like the Lazy River and the well-known Wave Pool.

4. Neeladri Amusement And Water Park

One of the first Water parks in Bangalore to be developed was Neeladri Amusement and Water Park. This is a large 30-acre complex that is about 19 kilometers from Bangalore City. Visit this waterpark and make priceless moments with your loved ones if you’re hoping to spend a great day out with your friends and family away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

You can be sure that the vibrant water slides, zyclones, and water chutes will provide the thrill you’re looking for. You should immediately start making plans with your friends and look forward to a peaceful day at this water park thanks to the affordable ticket prices.

5. Jawahar Bal Bhavan

Visit this charming water park, which is a part of the 12.5-acre Cubbon Park, the next time you’re in the neighborhood. The government established the recreation area known as Jawahar Bal Bhavan in 1985. Children can use this area to pursue extracurricular activities, which is why it was established. 

This location is ideal for letting the child in you go because it has both a gorgeous water park and boating amenities. Other attractions in this location are the Government Aquarium and the Puttani Express Toy Train, both of which you should see.

6. Innovative Film City

Visit this charming Water park in Bangalore, which is a part of the 12.5-acre Cubbon Park, the next time you’re in the neighborhood. The government established the recreation area known as Jawahar Bal Bhavan in 1985. 

Children can use this area to pursue extracurricular activities, which is why it was established. This location is ideal for letting the child in you go because it has both a gorgeous water park and boating amenities. Other attractions in this location are the Government Aquarium and the Puttani Express Toy Train, both of which you should see.

7. Lumbini Gardens

On Bangalore’s outer ring road, in the neighborhood of Hebbal, sits Lumbini Gardens. It is situated along the shore of Nagawara Lake. The Lumbini Gardens bear the name of Lord Buddha’s birthplace. An environmentally friendly boating park with a 12,500 square foot artificial beach and kiddie pool is located here. For the Piscean in you, Lumbini Gardens offers a wide variety of soothing, revitalizing aquatic sports. 

A romantic outing with your significant other is definitely possible here. where you may have a splash of an experience on the Pedal Boat, Pleasure Boat, or even the magnificent Wave Pool. A romantic weekend trip where you may spend time with your significant other by the pool and travel by boat through beautiful vegetation would definitely rekindle your relationship.

8. Crazy Waters

In the middle of a stony landscape, on Bannerghatta Main Road, is Crazy Waters Amusement Park. Visitors can enjoy an interesting environment there. The large water slide and more than half a dozen rides, including the Mini Twister, Water Chute, Mini Train, Flume Ride, Lazy River, Telecombat, Circular Slide, Swimming Pool, Family Slide, Mono Rail, Formula -2, Bouncing Castles, Wonder Wheel, Family Train, Parachute Tower, Peddle Boats, Harakir Glider, Break Dance, Columbus, Surprise Fountain, and Musical Fountain, make it a very well-liked water park.

9. Fantasy Lagoon

The Fantasy Lagoon, which is situated in the busy KR Puram district, offers a joyous experience. The park, which is situated around Vengaiana Lake, is well renowned for its boating amenities, which include various boats for small and large parties. You can also enjoy delicious food  Fantasy Lagoon.

Activities here include boating, evening strolls, and eating at the food court.While boating amenities close an hour early at 7 PM, the park is open from 11 AM to 8 PM.It is 147 kilometers separates you from the city center.

10. Aqua Kingdom

Aqua Kingdom, a part of the Innovative Film City, offers a variety of water rides and relaxing areas, including a sandy beach.You can enjoy exciting water slides at this place to get the most of your money spent to buy the tickets.Even a party area with an on-site DJ is available, and a large selection of refreshments are served at the on-site restaurant.

Activities here include the beach and the wave pool.The Park is a year-round destination and is open from 10 AM to 7 PM. It is 43 kilometers away from the city center.

11. Club Cabana

Club Cabana, close to the airport, has been a long time favorite of ours and is excellent if you want to cool off in style. You can choose from one of their day packages, which also includes high tea, breakfast, lunch, and admission to the water park. We enjoy the waterslides, lazy river (you literally simply recline in a tube and bob down the miniature river), tidal wave pool, bowling alley, archery range, cricket nets, and paintball (the last four activities are extra). 

12. Star City

This is one of Bangalore’s top theme parks, and kids will certainly love to go again. But there are also other rides available for grownups. There are many video games set up here for visitors to play as well! 

Additionally, bowlers can enjoy a 12-lane bowling facility. Snow sliding, snow dance, snow basketball, and other activities are available in Snow City Bangalore. Building snowmen and castles is another fun activity you may do with your family members.

13. Fever Pitch Basecamp

Students studying travel and tourism launched the Fever Pitch Basecamp initiative in 2012 with the goal of employing the sustainable tourism idea to bring people closer to nature. The first jungle and adventure camp in Bangalore, Fever Pitch Basecamp offers visitors a genuine camping experience. Fever Pitch is primarily intended for corporate groups, although it is also available to family and friends. With activities including watersports, paintball, dirt biking, adventure, and team building, Fever Pitch is the ideal vacation camping resort. 

Fever Pitch is the ideal escape for one-day and two-day excursions because it is tucked away in the forest and on the Manchanabele Dam’s banks. Fever Pitch is conveniently located off of Magadi Road, around 35 kilometers from Bangalore. At Fever Pitch, anything is possible—campfires, cooking, fishing, you name it. Why are you holding out? Travel to Fever Pitch to enjoy the best camping has to offer.

Safety Precautions You Need To Follow For a Safe Visit to a Waterpark

  • You can rapidly become dehydrated from playing in the water and being in the sun all day. Try to stay away from caffeinated sodas and beverages with artificial sweeteners and drink lots of water.
  • Before sending your kids go to have fun at the water park, make sure to read all posted signs since each one has distinct rules. Read and obey all the instructions and warnings  given to you based on your age group, height and medical concerns.
  • Keep toddlers and small children in the shallow play areas. For your smaller children, the majority of water parks include zero-depth entry pools with sprays, fountains, and water games.
  • It’s simple to get carried away with the excitement, but it’s crucial to keep your composure and avoid running about the water park. Running on slick surfaces like decks or pavements can be quite risky. 
  • The most of the day will be spent outside in the heat. To avoid becoming tanned, experiencing heat stroke, or dehydrating, wear proper clothing. This entails donning water shoes, a cap, a loose-fitting shirt, and sunglasses when you need to take a break from the water. 
  • In keeping with that, remember to apply waterproof sunscreen at least 30 minutes prior to entering the park and reapply it throughout the day. If you’ve been in the water, waterproof sunscreen needs to be reapplied after an hour, especially if you dried off with a towel in between applications.
  • When visiting the Water park in Bangalore, you must always be aware of where your children are. Don’t rely on the lifeguards, even if they are on duty. You should pay close attention to your children at the  park to ensure they are safe.

Get Ready to Beat the Heat!!

Well! That is our perfectly curated a list of relaxing Water parks in Bangalore. A water park visit is always a smart decision, regardless of the time of year. Write down everything you intend to do right now because, let’s face it, you most likely won’t. Get ready to go, and don’t forget to visit these Bangalore water parks. Splash some water while taking in the warmth of the sun.

If you want to have a great week, think about taking your family to one of these theme parks. All of these water parks are wonderful getaways for families. On your trip to Bangalore, though, which of these are you most looking forward to seeing? What are you still holding out for?

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