13 Best Places To Visit In Manipur

Manipur, known as the “Land of Jewels,” has a distinct geographical diversity and incredible natural treasures that are a joy to explore. Learn more about the area’s pristine environs, which include sweeping hills, rocky terrain, lush meadows, mesmerizing waterfalls, fragrant tea gardens, glistening streams, and more. So now you can guess that there are plenty of the best places to visit in Manipur.

Additionally, this tiny state in the northeast provides an opportunity to explore its unique heritage, lively traditions, and delectable cuisines that are unquestionably amazing. To make your research easier, we’ve included all the best travel highlights of this northeastern gem, from the most endearing spots to visit in Manipur to the state’s top tourist attractions.

Are you considering a trip to Manipur? There are many captivating spots to visit in Manipur that will ensure you have a great time, whether you’re organizing a trip with your family or significant other. So, we chose the best of them and are presenting it to you! Continue reading to learn key tourist facts about each location, such as its location and top attractions.

The List of Best Places To Visit In Manipur

The pride of northern India is Manipur. It has an abundance of beautiful scenery. There are several locations that will win your heart and provide you with an unforgettable experience. Because of how big the state is, it’s easy to become confused about where you need to go. As a result, we have compiled a list of the top places to visit in Manipur, so that you can visit them and get the most out of your trip.

1. Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park, which encircles Loktak Lake, is most renowned for its endangered brow-antlered deer, also known as sangai and its floating phumdis vegetation. This national park, which covers 40 sq. km. and offers mesmerizing views of the lake, is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Manipur. The fact that Keibul Lamjao National Park is the only floating refuge in the world makes it popular among ornithologists, animal lovers, and anyone who likes the outdoors. Numerous rare and common bird species, such as the East Himalayan pied kingfisher, spotbill duck, ruddy shell-duck, Burmese pied Myna, and Indian white-breasted waterhen, can be found in this region, along with sambar, wild boar, hog deer, and jungle cats. 

Hours of operation: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm 

Fees: None

2. Tamenglong

The land of hills is what Tamenglong is famous for among tourists. If you visit this place, you get the chance to see a variety of species of birds. So we can say it is a perfect place for bird lovers. The uncharted forests here welcome you with open arms. 

Waterfalls and rivers add to the beauty of this place. The roaring water in the rivers smooths your mind and body. It is the perfect relaxing time for you and your loved ones. That is the reason that our list cannot be done without including the name of this place. Some of Manipur’s most stunning places to visit in Manipur are found in Tamenglong.

Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary, Buning Meadow, Zeilad Lake, Kisha Khou, and Tharon Cave are among the sights of Tamenglong.

 Time- October – April are the right months for traveling to this place.

3. Andro

One of the most beautiful spots to visit in Manipur is the small village of Andro, which is near Imphal. Because of the exquisite ceramic craftsmanship that has traditionally drawn tourists to this place, it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Manipur. In fact, when you visit Andro Gramshang, you can get a peek at the history as well as the artwork.

If you love to travel, you would like to get your hands on some pottery. The museum displays a miscellany of traditional pots, including Walom, Makhong,  Pudond  Yukhum, and Ngangkha.

The following are some of Andro’s attractions: Andro Gramshang, Andro Shantheil Natural Park, Selloi Langmai Ecological Park, Gwarok Mahadeva Yairipok, and Kaina Temple.

4. Senapati

Senapati is the most beautiful place to visit in Manipur. It is a serene place with lush green vegetation and full of nature. Anybody who loves to stay in touch with nature should not miss visiting this place. Here, lush forests occupy almost 80% of the land, with villages dotting the remaining 20%. For those interested in getting away and experiencing Manipur’s culture, The Hamlet is the ideal destination. 

The villagers you spend time with in the evening might cook something special for you after you spent the day exploring the woodland.

Senapati’s tourist attractions include Makhel Cave, Mao, Purul, Dzukou Valley, Yangkhullen, Maram Khullen, and Sadu Chiru Waterfalls.

October -March is the perfect time to see it.

5. INA Memorial Complex

While on vacation in Manipur, you should check off seeing the INA Memorial Complex, which was built in honor of the brave soldiers of the Indian National Army (INA) who gave their lives in defense of the nation. It includes

  •   A big  statue of Subhas Chandra Bose made from bronze,
  •  A stone monument commemorating the inaugural raising of the  Indian Independence flag.
  • A replica of Singapore’s INA War Memorial. 

The structure also houses a war museum that displays photographs and documents from the liberation effort and World War II. 

Hours of operation: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm 

INR 10 for museum admission 

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

6. Imphal

Imphal is one of the best places to visit in Manipur when it is to tourism. It is quite popular as a tourist place in Northeast India. Imphal, which is in the center of Manipur, displays the splendor of its slopes and hilltops.

You’ll come across glittering waterfalls and lakes while on a tour to Imphal, one of Manipur’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s a great place to attend one of the various Manipur festivals. There are so many amazing things to do in Imphal.

Kangla Fort, Red Hill Lokpaching, Loktak Lake, the Manipur State Museum, Keibul Lamjao National Park, the Manipur Zoological Gardens, Sirohi National Park, Matai Garden, and the Khonghampat Orchidarium are just a few of the attractions in Imphal.

The best months to go are from September through April.

7. Khongjom

One of the best places to visit in Manipur is Khongjom, a location that honors the military. Here, under British rule, the renowned major general Paona Brajabashi fought with his men. That fight is termed the Anglo-Manipur War. There is a memorial today that was erected in honor of the valiant soldiers and is significant historically. For an Indian nationalist or someone interested in the military or the history of war, the location is ideal. In Manipur, this location is lovely, especially at night.  Khongjom War Memorial is among the city’s attractions.

Time-  Months of October to March are ideal to visit here.

8. Chandel

The abundance of nature is bestowed upon Chandel, the entrance to Myanmar. Furthermore, the region has a variety of cultural environments and is one of Manipur’s most stunning tourist sites. So you get the best of both worlds in this oasis, which is also one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Manipur. 

A walk here in the morning is a complete getaway since you are met with hazy grasses and soft sunlight. Keep your camera handy at all times because you might see some unusual animals and birds when exploring the denser areas. One of Manipur’s well-known tourist destinations is this.

Yangoupokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary, Tengnoupal, and Moreh are among the attractions of Chandel. 

Time-The ideal season is from October to March

9. Ukhrul

Ukhrul is among the top destinations to visit in Manipur and is renowned for its scenic magnificence. Due to how lovely nature is, you could meditate for hours and yet feel at peace. When making travel arrangements, provide plenty of time in case you decide to remain for a while. Trekking is one of the most well-liked pursuits in Ukhrul, followed by a visit to a tea garden. It is among the most stunning tourist locations in Manipur.

Nillai Tea Estate, Kachou Phung Lake, Shirui Kashong Peak, Khangkhui Cave, and Khayang Peak are among the sights of Ukhrul. 

Time- The right time to make it is April to June.

10. Thoubal

Another name among the best places to visit in Manipur is Thoubal. It is a very famous place for hikers who love to climb heights filled with lush vegetation and pure air.

It is evident that even the residents like gardening because you will see fruit-bearing plants in the verandahs of the homes. You may experience both the rich natural surroundings and the local culture when you visit attractions like the People’s Museum. There are banyan trees and lakes and rivers all along the roadways. It is one of the most popular tourist sites in Manipur due to this blend of environment and culture.

Among the tourist attractions in Thoubal are the People’s Museum, Ikop Lake, Khongjom War Memorial, Waithou Lake, Lousi Lake, Thoubal Bazar, and Imphal River.

Time – October is a suitable month to travel.

11. Tamenglong

Another name for Tamenglong is the land of hills. It is one of the most tranquil places to visit in Manipur. It has a lot to offer to bird lovers. Here, the unexplored woodlands offer their arms to you. The allure of an already alluring site is enhanced by waterfalls and rivers with roaring and gurgling currents. Our list of the best attractions in Manipur would surely be incomplete without it. Tamenglong is home to some of Manipur’s most beautiful tourist sites. 

Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary, Buning Meadow, Zeilad Lake, Kisha Khou, and Tharon Cave are among the sights of Tamenglong.

Time-  From October to the month of April, you can have the best time visiting this place.

12. Churachandpur

Churachandpur or Lamka, Manipur’s second-largest town and one of the best places to visit in Manipur, is a haven of ethnic diversity and scenic beauty. Although there are tribal groups in the area, who also discovered it, there is no way that this can be referred to as a backward region because there are various schools, a museum and a dam, to catch the tourist’s attention. Language is also not an issue because many locals speak and understand English, Hindi, and Manipuri.

Tipaimukh, Tonglen Cave, Tuibuong Tribal Museum, Ngaloi Falls, and Tipaimukh are among the attractions of Churachandpur. 

Time- October to March is the ideal time to visit.

13. Bishnupur

A historic cannon called Dal Madol was constructed in 1742 under Raja Gopal Singh. He ordered the construction of this cannon to defend Bishnupur against Marathas who were constantly attacking his realm. This enormous iron cannon is 3.8 m long with a 28.5 cm barrel, and it exhibits distinctive features that are the main draws for travelers to this location. Location: The renowned Chinnamasta Temple in Bishnupur is not far from where the cannon is located.

The only floating park in the world that is a genuine portion of Loktak Lake is Keibul Lamjao, National Park. This national park in Manipur, which covers an area of 40 sq km, is home to a variety of wildlife species and special wetland ecology, making it a delight for nature lovers and wildlife aficionados. The park is also the final remaining natural home of the Manipur dancing deer, also known as the brow-antlered deer.

Our Final Words!

Due to the numerous places to visit in Manipur and locations that would leave you dumbfounded, people don’t miss touring here. It is more than a paradise for people who are in love with nature and want to feel connected with it. When you plan your next vacation make sure to visit all of these places to get the best tourist experience.

Manipur is a state where excitement is waiting for you. It offers travelers not just one, but several once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We sincerely hope you like this list of the top places to visit in Manipur. On your subsequent journey to Manipur, don’t forget to stop by.

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