10 Most Scenic Bike Trails In India for Passionate Bikers


Do you enjoy the scent of engine oil and sticky hands? Do you possess a wild motorbike but have no idea where to go for scenic bike trails in India? If so, keep reading because we have collected an ultimate list of the most gorgeous bike paths in India where you can rev your engine up and enjoy witnessing our country’s enchanting beauty.

Wandering throughout India is a really rich experience in and of itself, but when you combine it with the adrenaline of motorbiking, boy oh boy, are you in for a treat! Unraveling the mysteries of India’s most distant locations on a motorbike sounds thrilling and fascinating. But, before you start your motorbike, go to the bottom and select your favorite route scenic bike trails in India.

About Biking

Biking is an adventure sport in which you cycle through harsh alpine terrains on punishing highways and lanes. It is a type of off-road biking that can only be done on specially modified bicycles and takes a lot of practice and effort. It will check your nerves, precision, and physical fitness.

What is Mountain biking?

Mountain biking is a sport in which cyclists ride off-road, generally over rugged terrain, on specially equipped mountain bikes. Similar to other types of bikes, mountain bikes have features that increase their toughness and performance on rough terrain. These characteristics include disc brakes with mechanical or hydraulic operation, wider and larger wheels and tyres, stronger frame materials, and suspension with air or coil-sprung shocks. 

There are five subcategories of mountain biking: cross-country, trail riding, all-mountain downhill, and freeride.

Why do you want to go biking?

Exploration and adventure. Perhaps our favorite aspect of biking is the sense of adventure and exploration that it provides. Bikes allow you to visit trails and regions that automobiles cannot. The bike is great if you enjoy the gorgeous, magnificent scenery.

Here are some of the scenic bike trails in India that you should check out.

Let’s get this tour started.

Manali To Spiti

If you enjoy motorbiking, you should plan a trip from Manali to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a lovely town in the Himalayas, whereas Spiti Valley is a picturesque mountainous cold desert at an elevation of 9000 feet above sea level. As a result, a bike or bicycle excursion from Manali to Spiti will provide plenty of breathtaking views, ever-changing landscapes, stunning monasteries, and scenic bike trails in India.

When you get to Spiti Valley, you can tour the area to find some amazing attractions. Spiti Valley is famed for having the highest post office in the world, so you can surprise your loved ones by sending them a postcard. Spiti Valley is also home to Asia’s tallest suspended bridge, Chicham, and the world’s highest motorable hamlet, Komic. Keep your camera close at hand if you like to take pictures so you can record the many hues of the sun-kissed Kinner Kailash mountain peaks. If you’re looking for calm, the 1000-year-old Key Monastery is a must-see.

Distance: 196km

Route: Manali-Rohtang pass-Khazum Pass- Losar-Kaza

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration: 5 days

Guwahati To East Khasi Hills

Choose this bike track for your next motorbiking vacation if you want to see big waterfalls, gorgeous ravines, and root bridges. The trail is mostly deserted, so you may ride freely and take in the scenery. The meadows and streams along the trip will demonstrate why Guwahati is known as the “Gateway to Northeast India.”

Distance: 133km

Route: Guwahati -Shillong-Mawphlang-Sohra

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 2:46 hrs

NH17 Udupi Trail

A bike ride along US Highway 17 will satisfy all of your sensory needs. Both sides of the road will always have beautiful beaches and lush trees. Start your bike and this amazing journey from Mumbai and ride to Mangalore. Alternatively, if you want to boost the ante, take the longer route to Trivandrum.

Distance: 1682 km


Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration: 15 days

Manali To Rohtang Pass

This is a brief one, yet it provides an unforgettable experience. The snow walls are only one of the trail’s many breathtaking sights. Riding a bike on this journey will change your life because you will be riding on one of India’s most difficult roads. If you feel anxious because the air is thin, simply pull over to the side of the road and catch your breath.

Distance: 50 km

Route: Manali- Vashist- Bahang- Palchan- Koti- Marhi-Rohtang La

Difficulty Level: Highly

Duration: 1:24 hrs

Zanskar Trail

This is one of the most difficult trails on the list. This course will put not only your biking skills but also your endurance to the test. The breathtaking mountains will never cease to astonish you with each curve you take. Don’t forget to pack additional jerry cans of fuel because there aren’t many petrol stations in the area and you don’t want to get caught in the scenic bike trails in India.

Distance: 230 Km

Route: Leh – Shanti Stupa – Magnetic Hill – Pathar Sahib Gurudwara – Hall of fame – Sangam Point – Potoksar – Zangla – Padum – Purne – Gonbo Rangjon – Darcha – Pang – Leh.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration: 11 days

Western Arunachal Trail

This trail is a little risky, but that just adds to the excitement. Feel the thrill rush through your veins as you ride your bike from Bhalukpong to Tawang through lush forests and hills, dodging one or two landslides. There are numerous places to visit for a short diversion, but Dambuk is the greatest.

Distance: 650 km

Route: Bhalukpong to Tawang

Difficulty Level: Highly

Duration: 7 days

Old Silk Route

Few riders accept the challenge of riding their bikes along the Old Silk Road, but those that do return with altered personalities. The thrill of biking down this trail is indescribable. The Zuluk loops on this route give a dangerous twist to it. This route is one of the most gorgeous trails on this list, with continually changing landscapes.

Distance: 87 km

Route: Kalimpong to Zuluk

Difficulty Level: Highly

Duration: 6 days

Jaipur To Udaipur

Riding through the regally opulent Rajasthan is an unforgettable experience. The journey takes you via Jaipur, Barmer, and Udaipur, giving you a glimpse of Rajasthan’s royal heritage and rich culture. Discover the night sky’s stars and spend an evening amid the dunes while witnessing a beautiful folk dance performance by local performers.

Distance: 393 km

Route: Jaipur – Ajmer – Bhilwara – Chittor – Mangalwar – Udaipur

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 6-7 hrs

Shillong -Mawlynnong

Anyone who likes biking must experience this stretch. The majority of hilly terrains have mountains on one side and valleys on the other. This route is unique in that you ride on top of the mountains.

Distance: 135 km

Route: Shillong-Cherrapunji-Dawki-Mawlynnong

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 5 days


It is one of India’s most famous road trip roads, and it merits all of the attention it receives. This route, often known as NH17 (National Highway 17), offers a tour along India’s western shore. In case your urge for adventure isn’t satisfied by a ride between Mumbai and Goa, you can easily fill up your bike with extra petrol and vroom off to the state of Kerala thanks to NH 17. The travel between Mumbai and Goa gives the impression of being on other roads, with breathtaking scenery to admire and cherish.

Distance: 550 km

Route: Mumbai- Alibaug, Murud-Janjira- Ganpatipule -Goa

Difficulty Level: Highly

Duration: 8 days

What do you need while you go on a biking tour?

Endurance, core and back strength, balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance are all required for this activity. Advanced riders seek out steep technical descents as well as high-incline peaks. Aerial maneuvers are performed off natural features as well as professionally created jumps and ramps in freeride, downhill, and dirt jumping. 

Off-road paths used by mountain bikers include singletrack, backcountry roads, larger bike park trails, and fire roads. Some challenging tracks also have jumps, berms, and drop-offs to add excitement. In order to ride downhill-specific trails, enduro and downhill cyclists frequently travel to ski resorts that are still accessible in the summer.

They then use ski lifts to ascend on their bikes. Riders are typically cut off from society and must rely on themselves. Riders learn how to fix flat tires and broken bikes to prevent getting stranded. Many riders carry a rucksack with them that contains food, drink, tools for making repairs on the trail, and a first aid kit in case of accidents. Particularly on longer journeys over India’s picturesque bike paths, group rides are common.


So, what are you holding out for? Choose your favourite routes and get ready to go on a bicycle excursion whenever you want to have some fun and adventure. After all, nothing beats exploring the country’s unknown landscapes and hamlets by bicycle. Just make sure to have some things with you, such as a change of clothes, adventure and protection gear, medicines, necessary paperwork, dry food, drink, and so on, so you’re never late to explore scenic bike trails in India.  

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