Top 8 ChatGPT R Programming Tools in 2023

The arrival of AI tools can be a real gamer changer for learning. From writing unique code to programming logic, the AI tools are all set to catch the attention of every human being whether a student or a professional. And ChatGPT is one of the most prominent one among those AI tools.

OpenAI has launched ChatGT, which can not only help you find the answers to regular questions related to daily life but also help you learn programming skills. It is really like the icing on the cake for you if you are a beginner.

So today in this blog post we will discuss the top 8 ChatGPT tools for R programming in 2023 that can make your programming job hassle free. So, let’s go through the mentioned list and choose your R programming resource based on your needs!


On our list of top 8 chatgpt R programming tools in 2023, RTutor holds the first position which is open source platform. And there is a long list of reasons behind it. It was found by  Dr. Steven Ge  who is a diligent professor at South Dakota State University. To start with, It is a convenient way to implement queries and for data analysis. Rtutor is an AI-powered tool which translates the natural language into R code. It is mainly designed for data analysis purposes and also can generate code in Python.

Its functions include detecting data types and producing descriptive summaries, plots  and correlation codes. It is available for nonprofit and profitable organizations. RTutor code is easily available on Github, from where you can smoothly follow the instructions to install the basic version.


The second name that occupies its place on our list is Codelingo for R programmers which is a multilingual product. Codelingo is a code review automation tool that provides a set of predefined review actions and customizable review rules to help software development teams automate code reviews and ensure code quality. 

It supports multiple programming languages, including Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript, among others. However, R programming was not among the languages supported at that time. It is worth noting that Codelingo can be extended and customized using its open-source platform, so support for R programming has been added now. To make use of this tool, you need to start by entering your OpenAI API key.


Askgpt is the next name that can help you in R programming if you are a beginner. You can directly ask the Askgpt whenever you feel stuck with R programming. It sends prompts to Open AI’s API straight from R. You can install the askgpt versions on your system as per your requirement as two versions, release version, and development are available currently. You can install this package: to start with Askgpt.


The gpttools package aims to extend gptstudio for R package developers to more easily incorporate the use of large language models (LLMs) into their project workflows. The gpttools package isn’t on CRAN. Instead, you can install gpttools from  R Universe.

The package includes various add-ins such as convert the script to function, document data, suggest improvements, Chatgpt with retrieval, etc. Firstly you need to highlight the code to run an add-in by selecting the particular add-in from the drop-down menu.


This R package cannot be used for coding like the above-mentioned packages. Instead, it uses a well-known R and Shiny interface to access another ChatGPT feature—creating images. You must be informed of the legal intellectual property decisions that are now involved in AI image generation depending on what was employed for training models if you intend to use this software for anything other than fun. 

To run this package you need to pay attention need to have certain programs installed on your system. For example Shiny, Golem, Openai, Shinydashboard,  Config, and Testtha, etc. After downloading the GitHub repo and unzipping it you can open the Chatgptimages in your Rstudio.


Gptstudio, designed by Michel Nivard and James Wade  is also on our list as it is quite beneficial for R programmers. It allows to conveniently make use of the LLMs in the project workflows with the increasing demand for machine learning for different commercial purposes. You can install the add-ins for this package to start working. The development version of this package is available to fix the bugs.

You can use the drop-down menu just above the code source pane to access the add-ins in your Rstudio.GptSudio is specially designed for assisting R developers but you can dive into more capabilities of the Chatgpt as you can ask it any other question. GptStudio offers numerous add-ins and one of these enables you to ask for the required changes to make in the R code and you get it right away.


gptchatterR is another name among the top R programming chatgpt tools. Isin Altinkaya, a Ph.D. fellow at the University of Copenhagen, developed the gptchatteR package. You can interact with the OpenAI  GPT models in R with the gptchatteR.chatter.plot() function is the most advantageous function of gpatchatterR for the R programmers. After installing the Openai package you can load the package. And after loading it you can start with the chatter. create() to begin your chat session and proceed further.

ChatGPT R Package

Last but not least, ChatGPT R Package completes our list of the top 8 ChatGPT R Programming Tools in 2023. The ChatGPT R package, which offers both functions and RStudio add-ins for using ChatGPT in R includes 10 add-ins. On the ChatGPT website, you must create an account and obtain an API key. You can use R to ask questions to ChatGPT and add comments, name variables based on the content of the code, explain the source code c, point out errors in the code, and improve the code.

Final Thoughts!

 Well, We have presented you with the best ChatGPT R programming tools after our dedicated efforts and time investment in deep research. If you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you can use these resources to save and utilize your time to the fullest.

At the same time, you can get your code reviewed and generate R code from the natural language. So, go ahead and start using the R programming tool you find matches your needs and enjoy the Innovative AI inventions.

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